Bodo Sperlein



Commissioned by the prestigious London based restaurateur Alan Yau, Bodo Sperlein's Yauatcha Atelier collection is a unique silver and fine porcelain range that celebrates the historical ritual of tea brewing. 

With Alan Yau’s prominent reputation for his Yauatcha and Hakkasan restaurants, as part of our collaboration, we designed a bespoke tea house brand concept for Yauatchua. With no previous experience of establishing their own branded products, we developed a concept for a bespoke range of tea accessories that upheld Yauatchua’s history whilst paving the way for the future of the brand.

The collection included a cast iron teapot and teapot warmer that were produced using traditional sand moulding techniques, fine porcelain tea cups and saucers, mugs and tea caddies. Forged steel and silver plated tea strainers and infusers also formed part of the collection, resulting in a unique ceremonial tea addition to our daily ritual. 

Our role also included art directing marketing material, photoshoots and the exhibition stand design for Maison et Objet 2009. We also instigated an exhibition at Super Squat, Brunswick House for the collection’s London launch during the London Design Festival, furthering Yauatchua’s leading presence and resulting in significant orders being placed by high-end retailers.