Bodo Sperlein



In 2014 Bodo Sperlein was appointed as creative consultant for the Mexican brand, TANE.


Delving into the company’s archives, Bodo Sperlein implemented a new direction for TANE as well as designing a range of silver heritage pieces. We endeavoured to restore Tane’s position to where they had previously excelled at producing bold and specialist silver pieces.


Fascinated with rejuvenating the use of traditional materials, in particular the revival of a precious metal within a contemporary context, we designed a collection of pieces that express the rare and fine qualities of silver. With a wider cultural shift of interest in craft skills and handmade objects, this range celebrates traditional Mexican methods of making whilst reinstating the longevity and authenticity of silver within the heart of the modern home for future generations to cherish.


Significant press coverage resulted in TANE’s global position being strengthened.

Internationally recognised as a treasure trove for eclectic interior treasures, in January 2015 Galerie du Passage, Paris showcased our TANE silverware collection.


During London’s Design Festival, Mallett Gallery in Dover Street played host to the exhibition of our silver range. In addition to this, by establishing a substantial amount of press coverage in the FT Financial Times’ How to Spend It and the Daily Telegraph’s Luxury, this collated coverage resulted in TANE’s international position being strengthened.