Bodo Sperlein




A number of iconic fashion designers such as Armani and Vivienne Westwood were part of this international campaign. With only a handful of product designers selected to collaborate with this project, Bodo Sperlein designed a set of silver and Swarovski crystal objects that are inspired by the traditional marriage ceremony. With a passion for traditional British silversmithing, the Crystal Wedding range includes spherical silver bowls with Swarovski crystal legs, organically shaped pouring bowls, silver and crystal clustered bottle stoppers and solid silver cutlery abundant with an array of coloured crystals. This collection derives from a 16th century tradition of gifting one set of cutlery to the bride and one to the groom, an extremely prestigious gift for its time. 

The project featured Unbridled, a decadent publication showcasing some of the biggest names in design involved in this project. Launched during the couture shows of Paris in 2008,  Monnaie de Paris played host to this unique large scale Crystal Wedding exhibition that continued to tour the world for a further twelve months.