Bodo Sperlein


Bodo Sperlein is a London based multidisciplinary design consultancy with a broad approach to creative art direction and product design. Bodo and his team extensively devise projects from concept to delivery and have a passion to revive heritage brands.





We take pride in researching your brand and understanding your history and customer base. With this in mind, we rejuvenate your business’ inspiration and provide creative guidelines for your brand.


When establishing partnerships with brands, cultivating the existing strengths and talent of these historical and new organisations whilst unveiling their capabilities is an essential element of our approach.


We design individual products and collections for your brand that echo your strengths. With a passion and thorough understanding of traditional methods of making and an advanced knowledge of technological methods of making, we establish a fresh direction for the future of your brand.


Our approach is unique as we not only design collections but also deliver art direction and marketing strategies for a wide variety of global clients. We uphold ourselves on providing a diverse variety of services including product and modern home design accessories, whether to reinvigorate long established brands or to rejuvenate home interiors.  

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Bodo Sperlein’s mission is to revive and extend the life of time honoured materials for future generations to cherish. Located on London’s creative South Bank, as creator Bodo and his multifaceted based team bring this vision to life through product design, art direction and brand consultancy.