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We design products ranging from Tableware, Silverware, Furniture and Lighting from our studio in London.




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The LED Hadron Light is available in both in a polished silver and brushed brass coloured finishes, either in medium or large sizes. Due to its rotating arms, this sculptural light’s appearance can be flat or have more of a voluminous presence. The Hadron light lends itself to being hung as a collective as well as a singular focal piece. 


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Refined in shape, the romantic decor of Pomona Tempest is an atmospheric fine porcelain tableware series. Available in both grey and blue, and can be gold or platinum line gilded for a grander statement.


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Drawing inspiration from Nikko’s abundant history, these elegant and contemporary designs unite both eastern and western aesthetics. With clean lines and incorporating a neutral palette, these collections distinguish a fresh direction for Nikko. 




We are a London based multidisciplinary design consultancy with a broad approach to creative art direction and product design. As a team we extensively devise projects from concept to delivery and have a passion to revive heritage brands.


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