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Silver Care

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Sterling silver is a relatively sensitive material and will naturally become tarnished and scratched over time of use. We recommend using a gentle non-abrasive silver polishing cloth and soft brush for polishing silverware. It’s worth noting that small amounts of dried polishing cream residue can scratch silver. 




When cleaning silver it's important to follow the polishing lines of the object around the body and not up and down. Apply a firm but gentle pressure when polishing. We would also suggest wearing gloves when handling and polishing your silver. 


If you decide to store your silverware at some point, it’s best to do so in the original box with the cloths provided. We also recommend that you do so with a small packet of de-moisturising crystals like silica gel, if the storage atmosphere is humid.

Avoid your silver coming into contact with chlorine or bleach as both of these chemicals expedite tarnishing. Silver also tarnishes if exposed to salt air or other products containing sulphur.


TANE offer a professional silver maintenance service, you can contact them for more details. You can also take your silverware to be reviewed and cleaned by any professional silversmith or jeweller.

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