Bodo Sperlein

A Design Story: the bild x

Bodo Sperlein

The bild x is a statement. Pairing cutting-edge technology with seamless aesthetics, we are carving a path towards the future of television and illustrating our innovative approach to product design.

Here we reveal some of the inspiration, challenges and ideas that formed the journey of the bild x.


Using LG’s OLED technology - the most advanced and flexible screen to date - the bild x demanded an equally innovative approach, an aesthetically progressive design.

The concept was to bring increased materiality to technology, redefining the television as both a sculptural centrepiece and highly functional product.


Steering away from the plastics widely used in home technology, we sought to increase the material palette, choosing anodised metal, marble and textiles to reflect the synthesis of the artistic and the domestic.

The greatest challenge was to create a harmony between these industrial materials and the OLED panel, without the weight of metal and marble overwhelming the impossibly thin, 4mm-thick screen.

It was imperative that the frame did not dominate the design, allowing the screen to retain its unique and paradoxical power: that its understated form, its very thinness, is what makes it stand out most.


Taking inspiration from the geometry of cold war graphics and Bauhuas architecture, we used the natural weight of marble to give stability to the structure, allowing the frame to be fittingly minimalistic.


The bild x design works within the limitations of functionality and practical production, whilst embracing the freedom of the OLED screen.

This fusion of high quality technology with contemporary aesthetics marks it out as a truly innovative design and undeniably luxurious product. 

Click to the bild x animation and more information about the different stand solutions.

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