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Product Launch IFA 2017: Loewe bild x

Loewe, Studio, ClientsBodo Sperlein

Our most recent project for the distinguished luxury TV brand, Loewe, has now been unveiled as the bild x concept. Launched at IFA 2017, the bild x explores new possibilities for TV design, made possible through advances in OLED technology. "Loewe unveils ultra-thin statement TV with a slender golden frame" - Dezeen

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As a creative studio, considering the future of OLED panels, we have taken the opportunity to radically alter the aesthetic of TV.  The latest OLED panels are a pivotal moment similar to the change from cathode ray tube to flat screen television displays. 

By separating components, at its core bild x is a modular concept. Building on Loewe’s already much celebrated flexibility in stand solutions, bild x aims to grow, adapt and change with its owner and as technology allows.


The bild x, together with bild 5 and bild 9, were all on display at Europe's leading electronics trade show IFA, Berlin 1st - 6th September. 


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Photography Credit: Andreas Bohlender