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Loewe RAUM Website Launch

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We are glad to introduce you to a new exciting platform for Loewe directed by Bodo Sperlein: 
The Loewe Raum

If you thought tech was just a place where cables, moving images and sounds are being discussed, think again. We can't talk for others, but for Loewe there's more to the brand than just TV's. As Creative Director, Bodo Sperlein has rejuvenated existing strengths of the brand, one of them being to embrace the holistic opportunities in introducing industries across disciplines, such as music, art, food, tech and architecture. 


This formulated Loewe RAUM, a pop-up event held in Berlin to coincide with IFA that showcased Loewe Products. Raum, or Room, was an international space on the vibrant boulevard Unter Den Linden in central Mitte. Bustling with individuals sharing ideas, cultivating projects amidst music from Me and My Drummer surrounded by the latest developments in technology. 

We wanted to expand the event to more of a permanent feature for Loewe, allowing for a transparent platform that could inform, curate and entertain in the sphere of technology and design, to show readers what Loewe is about. Produced by London-based Studio Small with art direction from Bodo Sperlein, the platform is a digital epitome of what the design consultancy of Bodo Sperlein can administer. 

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