Bodo Sperlein

Highlights of 2017

Bodo Sperlein

Bild 9 launch

In May we launched our sculptural centrepiece: the bild 9 for Loewe.

Challenging the recent culture of overlooking home technologies as utilitarian, we created a product that reasserts the television as the focal point of the home.

“The objective is to encourage people to appreciate home technology products again. To me good design sparks people’s appreciation of how a product enhances their life.” - Bodo Sperlein


The bild 9 is a statement, a landmark piece that marked the shift towards the fusion of cutting-edge technology and progressive aesthetics. The design soon earned global recognition in multiple publications as “a work of art”.

Dezeen explained how Bodo wanted to “de-geezer” the TV, Wallpaper* praised the art deco aesthetics, Design Milk complimented the Bauhaus structure and glamour and Esquire admired the sculptural form.


Bild 5 launch

Following hot on the heels of the bild 9, we launched our second product for Loewe, the bild 5, bringing a greater materiality and warmth through the use of silver oak in the stand.

The design is both classic and contemporary and was recognised by international publications, featured in Wallpaper* and hailed as one of the “coolest things in the world” by GQ


Loewe Event: Neue Werkstätten, Munich

In June we hosted an event with Loewe at Neue Werkstätten in Munich, in collaboration with prestigious Sammlung Goetz and Architectural Digest Germany.

The collections on show included the bild 9, klang 9 and bild 5, with the televisions screening the exceptional work of the artist Gerwald Rockenschaub.


Land Rover Born Awards

In July we won a Land Rover BORN Award for the bild 9, recognised as the finest example of Bodo’s outstanding work for Loewe.


The Awards are annually hosted by Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, and Jean-Christophe Chopin, the founder of BORN, to recognise exceptional creative achievements in lifestyle design.

Bodo enjoyed a trip to stunning Norway, where the awards were held, to celebrate the success and meet fellow first-class designers.


OLED Campaign

In preparation for IFA in September we created a campaign for our Loewe televisions. Together with photographer Jake Curtis, Studio Small, and set designer Hana Al-sayed, we focussed on the interplay of light and texture to showcase the signature OLED screens.

Bodo’s vision came to life through an arrangement of nostalgic florals, iridescent feathers, richly coloured fruit, translucent berries and objects of crystal and glass.


Bild x Concept launch

IFA in Berlin signalled the launch of our latest concept for Loewe and the re-imagined future of LG’s OLED technology.

The bild x carves a path towards the synergy of superb functionality and seamless aesthetics, illustrating our innovative approach to product design.


Installed at IFA, Berlin, the bild x “radically alter[s] the aesthetic of TV”, bringing futuristic technology and luxury together, as acknowledged by Dezeen.


Deemed one of Wallpaper*’s “electric dreams”, the magazine states that “Loewe has impressed this year” with Bodo’s creative direction, projecting them to the forefront of innovation in home technologies.

 The bild x will be available in Summer 2018.


Studio Campaign

In October we created a playful, abstract environment to interact with our products in our studio campaign. Shot by Tom Baker with set design by Lisa Jahovic, the campaign highlighted our tableware, hadron light and bild x.


Loewe Event: LUV Store, Hamburg

Held at LUV Interior Store in Hamburg, a rich and opulent setting surrounded the screens, with material from the OLED Campaign shot by Jake Curtis emphasising their supreme quality and allowing the bild 9 to become a modern painting.

Working with Lisa and Tom again, this time hosting an installation event in Hamburg which displayed a number of our products designed for Loewe.


The event allowed us to broadcast Loewe products to an international design community and strengthen the presence of Bodo Sperlein for Loewe in Germany.


Wallpaper Design Awards 2018 nominee

Most recently, we’re thrilled to be on the shortlist for the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018 in the category “Best domestic design” for our Loewe bild 9 television. The winners will be announced January 11th. We’re keeping fingers crossed!


Looking back at 2017, it has been a remarkable year with multiple product launches and huge success in the international recognition of our designs. Carrying this momentum into the New Year, we are excited to develop our current projects, including unique commissions and emerging partnerships. 2018 will take us on new design journeys and promises our continued innovation in the world of design.