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Bodo Sperlein X Gunter Piekarski

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To accompany the refresh of our brand identity, we teamed up with London based identity, print and digital designers, Gunter Piekarski.
When it comes to collaborations, we pride ourselves on working with the best people in the industry. Known for their clean aesthetic, Ross Gunter and Mateusz Piekarski were the ideal duo to assist in the redesign of our graphical branding and website. GP’s energetic commitment to hone in on our values as a design consultancy and to draw together our vision for the direction of Bodo Sperlein has resulted in an exciting direction for us. GP have developed a bespoke typeface for our logo and refined infographics. 

Sharing our love for materials and sharp eye for detail, GP have carefully considered every aspect of our studio and all that we offer as a creative agency. Referencing the soft curvature of our designs, GP have established an individual identity to our graphical identity.