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The Hadron

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The Hadron light is a contemporary interpretation of the graceful designs produced during the Art Nouveau movement. Drawing inspiration from both organic and geometric forms, the Hadron unites angular contours with fluent natural forms. 

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The gradual curvature of the Hadron draws attention to the seamless combination of opaque acrylic with a reflective silver colour or brushed brass finish. With concentrated light cascading and diffusing downwards, highlighting the distinctive characteristics that LED light offers. As the Hadron is dimmable, you control the level of diffused warmth the Hadron displays.


Photography by Ana Santl

Having pushed the conventional use of LED light, the Hadron has gone through two years of refinement. The design is a unique exercise in producing an elegant focal piece of sculptural lighting. 


Incorporating three uniquely developed interchangeable arms, the Hadron allows you to interact directly with the design, adapting the light to its surroundings. 

The Hadron has a striking presence when both illuminated and turned off, a distinguished centrepiece for any modern or traditional interior. 



Photography by Matteo Manduzio


Photography by Matteo Manduzio