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Bodo Sperlein X Loewe IFA

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To introduce Loewe’s new visual narrative, as creative director Bodo Sperlein worked closely with the Spanish creative agency, Culde Sac to devise the design of Loewe’s space at IFA. 


"Loewe introduces a new design language. The future of Home Entertainment is about interior design."

- Bodo Sperlein Creative Director for Loewe

As Europe’s leading technology exhibition, IFA was the perfect opportunity to showcase the new brand direction for Loewe including Bild 7 and Bild 9 collections. Bodo and Culde Sac’s vision for Loewe’s stand design was to enable viewers to experience Loewe’s technology within the context of a home interior, providing a multifaceted user experience.

Rhythmic wooden panels enabled a playful insight into Loewe’s space, providing a discreet division between Loewe’s stand and the surrounding exhibition space. 

Revealed at IFA, Bild 7 is the first of Loewe's televisions with OLED technology that has been described as “the most beautiful OLED tv in the world” by Computer Bild. The clarity of image and colour definition of Loewe’s screen technology were distinctly illustrated by the abstracted graphic artwork by Michael Wall displayed on Bild 7 and Bild 9. 

The design study of Bild 9 was also introduced at IFA, the first collection Bodo Sperlein has designed for Loewe. Due to be officially launched in Spring 2017, Bild 9 is composed with pictorial sculptural lines that embodies a fresh design direction for Loewe, uniting elegance with intelligence in a perfect synergy of design and technology.

To accompany Loewe’s exhibition at IFA and in celebration of the Loewe brother’s story and the history of the brand, we also collaborated with Prop House and held a 10 day event at the Loewe Raum, in central Berlin. You can read more about this series of events here.


More about Bodo's role, as Creative Director for Loewe, can be found here