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As creative director of Loewe, Bodo Sperlein orchestrated a 10 day event and pop up store to coincide with IFA in Berlin to promote the new brand direction for Loewe.


‘A company as progressive as Loewe and one that looks back over its long history deserves an extraordinary setting away from the trade fair centre’  - Mark Husges, Executive Loewe Partner

Two featured evening events were held in September at the Loewe Raum in collaboration with Architectural Digest, Blau magazine and Andreas Murkudis with live performances from Me and My Drummer and DJ sets until the early hours. Held at the exclusive Unter den Linden 40, previously known as the French embassy located in the very heart of Berlin, this turn of the century listed space was transformed by event and production designers, Prop House. The restoration of the original period features served as an impeccable backdrop for the historical brand’s events, perfectly echoing the founding era of Loewe.

Established in 1923 by brothers Siegmund and David L. Loewe, the company’s pioneering lineage and vision for the future was strikingly brought to life in the purposely restored interior. Uniting midcentury and contemporary furniture by Classicon, Modern XX, to name but a few, with eminent feature lighting by Bocci, this impeccable setting provided the perfect occasion to witness Loewe’s heritage and vision for the future.

Artwork by Michael Wall

Bodo’s concept behind the Loewe Raum amalgamated multiple creative mediums and seamlessly merged Loewe’s history with the present, creating a fresh direction for a brand that boasts over 90 years of experience in the field of home entertainment technology.  Responsible for the world’s first electronic television broadcast, on entering the Raum, Loewe’s archive of television designs were amply displayed on vintage industrial scaffolding alongside the tools to mimic the Loewe brothers' workshop.

Curtains by Nya Nordiska

Me & My Drummer

Uniting past and present, unique textiles provided by Nya Nordiska and wallpaper by Rasch provided a distinct backdrop to framing the bathroom furniture. To promote the redirection of the brand and to reveal the timeless BILD 9 collection, striking contemporary abstract collages by London based artist, Michael Wall and selected artists from Thomas Fischer Gallery adorned the gallery space and interior home settings. Video installations by artist Sarah Bernauer were displayed on Loewe’s Konnect television.

With special thanks to:

Prop House
Press Factory
Nya Nordiska
Andreas Murkudis
Michael Wall
Thomas Fishcer Gallery
Blau Magazine
Architectural Digest
Little Joy Berlin
Sarah Bernauer
Michael Donath
Katie Phillips
Anna Urbauer
Anna Jill Lipertz Gallery
Me and My Drummer
Urban Industrial
Modern XX
Sofa Company