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Bodo Sperlein's Still Life

Bodo Sperlein

We find still life photography that captures light, texture and form intrinsic to our work. A single image tells an entire narrative, with stories distinctively told by photographers that we work with such as Thomas Baker and Michael Donath. Looking into our archive, both of our most recent and previous work bears witness to our broad approach to product design and art direction. 

Behind The Set: Photoshoot for Loewe

Bodo Sperlein

Our studio addresses the meticulous facets of our client's brand and product direction. Being a multidisciplinary design consultancy, our studio supplies clients with guidance from early stages of creative art direction to the implementation of a product, alongside its relevant marketing and promotion strategies. 

For a new product launch for our client Loewe, Bodo Sperlein Studio directed a photoshoot that took place at Lock Studios in East London.

To create a playful and dynamic scheme surrounding the product, we chose "POP" as a style and theme for the shoot. Working with Studio Small and Set Designer Lisa Jahovic, with Lisa's brilliantly experienced eye this came to life in collaboration with the prominent photographer Tom Baker.

Jahovic's work has previously been published in British GQ, The Gentleman's Journal, The Gourmand and Elle. Baker is known for his still life interior photography, with more than ten years commercial experience working for a range of clients including Saatchi Gallery, John Lewis, Boots and Notonthehighstreet. 

Our Studio: London South Bank

Bodo Sperlein

For over 15 years, Bodo Sperlein Studio has been based at the Oxo Tower in the cultural heart of London's South Bank. Stretching from Blackfriars Bridge in the east to Westminster Bridge with 14 million visitors each year. Among the museums, galleries, skate parks and multiple centres of entertainment, you'll find us at
51°30'29.7"N 0°06'29.5"W. 



We love this bustling area being so close to the river, among other creatives and having visitors from all over the world who visit the London Bankside. 

What is Bodo's favourite features of working on the London South Bank, you'd ask? We guessed the breeze of the river coming through the studio on warm summer days, the raw feeling of the Barge House next door or the way to work cycling through majestic parts of central London. See his answers and learn more about the area in an interview with the designer himself below. 

As a designer, what is it about the London South Bank that inspires you the most?
The fact is that it's such a big part of the historic centre of London. A cultural hub with so many places to go and be entertained, like the dance productions at the Southbank CentreThe Royal Festival Hall, The National Theatre and the short walk to the Tate Modern to source inspiration. I appreciate being so close to the river in such an iconic area of London.

On your ride to work, what do you see?
The ride gives me the chance to see a lot of London landmarks, which is quite amazing because it's something many of us take for granted. From Westminster Abbey to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben to the London Eye. All of the London milestones, a great pleasure to see. 

How has the area changed since you first started working here 15 years ago?
The area's changed considerably. When the local Waitrose arrived last year, it was a significant sign. 15 years ago we didn't have anything like this.  

Are there any secret hidden gems around the Studio? 
Many. You can get one of London's most traditional Fish and Chips at Master's Superfish in Waterloo. Great drinks at The Cut Bar at the Young Vic Theatre and walk down Lower Marsh and get a coffee at the Scooter Cafe, which is also a great bar at night. And I love exploring the National Theatre, a brutalist concrete jungle. 

Loewe RAUM Website Launch

Bodo Sperlein

We are glad to introduce you to a new exciting platform for Loewe directed by Bodo Sperlein: 
The Loewe Raum

If you thought tech was just a place where cables, moving images and sounds are being discussed, think again. We can't talk for others, but for Loewe there's more to the brand than just TV's. As Creative Director, Bodo Sperlein has rejuvenated existing strengths of the brand, one of them being to embrace the holistic opportunities in introducing industries across disciplines, such as music, art, food, tech and architecture. 


This formulated Loewe RAUM, a pop-up event held in Berlin to coincide with IFA that showcased Loewe Products. Raum, or Room, was an international space on the vibrant boulevard Unter Den Linden in central Mitte. Bustling with individuals sharing ideas, cultivating projects amidst music from Me and My Drummer surrounded by the latest developments in technology. 

We wanted to expand the event to more of a permanent feature for Loewe, allowing for a transparent platform that could inform, curate and entertain in the sphere of technology and design, to show readers what Loewe is about. Produced by London-based Studio Small with art direction from Bodo Sperlein, the platform is a digital epitome of what the design consultancy of Bodo Sperlein can administer. 

Be in the know and see the website on


Bodo Sperlein Tabletop

Bodo Sperlein

With the sun shining today and thoughts of grey skies behind us, we wanted to share our fun and light hearted tribute to some of our collections here in our studio at the OXO Tower. Fruits, berries, sweets and Pashmak, a Persian rosewater candy floss, accompany the plates fit for any gourmand, emphasising the timeless elegance of the handcrafted pieces.

See more of our ceramics over on our shop













Beauty Objectified: bild 9 Photoshoot

Bodo Sperlein

Over a course of three days, we worked with a unique group of individuals to produce the bild 9 campaign that was styled and shot in Hackney, London. 


We teamed up with Studio Small who have provided strategic art direction for over 20 years in the design and creative sectors worldwide. They deliver design solutions which are consistently intelligent, well-crafted and bespoke to each client. Working with brands such as Margaret Howell, Sunspel & Comme des Garçons, to BAFTA and the Design Council to name but a few. Take a look at their instagram page to see an excellently curated snapshot of their latest work.


Hana Al Sayed whose beautifully conducted set design has been featured in publications such as Hole & Corner, British Vogue and Wallpaper with clients including the likes of Stella McCartney and Burberry. Known for bringing structural elements to a domestic setting, Hana’s meticulous eye for detail and positioning has enabled a seamless and cohesive visual language of texture and form for the bild 9 campaign. 


Jake Curtis brings a fresh and scientific approach to each project, emphasising the importance of light and the viewer’s gaze. Jake’s photography has reinforced the timeless quality of bild 9, something that Jake prides himself on when carrying out his portraiture, interiors, lifestyle and advertising shoots. Clients of Jake's include Cereal, Elle Decoration and Telegraph Luxury. 


Videographers Ian Allardyce  and Peter Drinkell were responsible for shooting, editing and grading the bild 9 campaign film. With a plethora of globally renowned clients between them including Rapha, Nike, SPS HD and The Times, bild 9 has been filmed in ‘high dynamic range’, the very latest UHD format. 


Loewe bild 9: Concept to Launch

Bodo Sperlein

Here's an insight into the process behind the design of the new Loewe bild 9, launched last week. Check out more over on



Bodo’s direction for Loewe centres around the concept of warm minimalism.

Pictorial and linear sculpture inspired the design of bild 9, utilising 2D shapes and lines to create a 3D form, looking to artists such as Fred Sandback for inspiration. The Cold War graphic design of Max Bill and the Bauhaus art movement have informed the playful quality of bild 9. 



We looked creating a product which reasserts the TV as the focal point of any home’s interior, designing products which serve to enhance an individual’s life. 

By reinstating the television as a feature of the home, the aim of bild 9 is to challenge the recent culture of TV’s being the thinnest black panel possible with little consideration to the frame. As we shift away from this tendency, bild 9’s concept is to establish a sculptural presence, enhancing the advanced technology of the TV.



Stage I

bild 9 was originally designed with a rear leg completing the frame, a discreet method of cable management. 

Stage II

Experimented with perforation details on the frame, we explored the option of incorporating audio into frame of the bild 9 range. After much deliberation, it was decided not to incorporate this into the final product. 

Stage III

Working with the Loewe team in Kronach, developments in the production of the frame allowed us to push the design further, removing the rear section of the frame. Creating a product with a lighter more elegant appearance.



Key to the design was to create a product with a solution for the age-old issue of cable management that suited the clean, elegant aesthetics of the bild 9. 

A process of refining the design with many iterations and changes were realised by the Loewe’s workshop in Kronach. This led us to devising a product with a discrete method of cable management. By running the cables inside the frame, there is little distraction to the sculptural quality of bild 9. 



A preview of bild 9 was revealed during IFA 2016 coinciding with the exclusive Loewe Raum event held in Berlin. This was a significant opportunity to showcase the future direction for Loewe and an insight into the design direction of Loewe’s future products.



In collaboration with Studio Small, the bild 9 campaign photoshoot took place here in London. Working with photographer Jake Curtis and set designer and stylist Hana Al Syad who have both previously worked with the likes of Telegraph Luxury, Aston Martin and Gucci to name but a few. 

Check back for a further insight in to behind the scenes of the bild 9 shoot.