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Bodo Sperlein is The Aesthete in How To Spend It

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In the latest edition of the the Financial Times luxury lifestyle magazine How To Spend It, Bodo was titled The Aesthete: a connoisseur of the beautiful.

Bodo gives us a glimpse into a designer's habitat, from foodie gadgets to Viennese perfume, discussing his favourite pieces from luxury brands such as Filson and Zenith, as well as his attachment to his Pashley bicycle. 

photography by gabby laurent

Writer Charlotte Abrahams reveals the influences behind Bodo's aesthetic, including style icon Steve McQueen and the draw of constructivist art. It's clear that quality craftsmanship and elegance are an obsession that permeates both his home life and business, such as his creative direction for Loewe.

If you're looking to explore, Bodo also reviews his recent trip to Norway's breathtaking fjords for the Land Rover BORN Awards, gives a brief guide to the most sophisticated spots in Munich and recommends Lorne Restaurant as a local favourite in Pimlico.

Read the full article and more about Bodo's personal taste here.

Dibbern Black Forest by Bodo Sperlein

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The Black Forest collection is born of a partnership between Bodo Sperlein and German china manufacturer Dibbern, who share our interest in combining historic arts with contemporary aesthetic.


Photography by Thomas Baker

set design by Lisa Jahovic


Craftsmanship is essential; over 75% of Dibbern’s production involves manual processes and it is this attention to detail that ensures our designs are made to the highest quality. Each item in our Black Forest tableware range is handmade, using traditional methods and expertise to give these pieces their luxury finish.

Holloware, such as teapots and cups are cast in plaster moulds, but must then be fettled, smoothed and the handles precisely attached by hand, to ensure each is uniform.

Likewise plates are spun on the wheel, rather than mass produced by press. This gives the porcelain a higher density so that even fragile items have a longer lifespan.


The pieces must then be meticulously stacked to undergo multiple kiln firings which take over 40 hours each, before the detailed tree motif is applied by hand. For our festive Golden Forest design, this uses a delicate 24 carat gold leaf. To see our full Golden Forest tableware range, click here.

Finally, the making journey is at an end. Hours of collaborative design, skilled craftsmanship and detailed execution result in a dinnerware collection that unites a timeless aesthetic with undeniable quality.

Inspired by the elegant starkness of winter trees, Black Forest is one of our prominent sets of tableware, frequently used in renown Michelin-star restaurants worldwide like the Ledbury and The Greenhouse.

Use the code BODO17 to get your 10% off on Black Forest before the 9th November to receive your order for Christmas. 


Bodo Sperlein 'In The Studio' Product Campaign

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Our latest product campaign is brimming with a selection of products that are available on our shop.

Inspired by the sculptural objects of Henri Matisse' Studio, Bodo Sperlein's vision comes to life in a playful electric narrative. 

Shot by Thomas Baker and styled by Lisa Jahovic, see how our Hadron light, tableware ranges and the recent concept bild x find applicability in an environment of amusement. 


Studio Product Campaign: Behind The Set

Studio, Loewe, ShopBodo Sperlein

Our newest campaign concentrates around our distinct tableware collections, Hadron light and most recently our bild x concept design for Loewe. 

Initiated and directed by Bodo Sperlein, set designer Lisa Jahovic brings an element of playful absurdity to the scene by allowing our products to interact in a vigorous environment. The palette is inspired by Matisse with rich Autumnal tones of greens with clay hues and raw textures. The photoshoot took place at the Lock Studios, East London. 

Fittingly, the props are organic sculptural forms incorporating an eclectic set of tableware and interior settings in a partly obscure moments. Jahovic also makes sure to bring a component of movement to the shoot, expressed through the use of taxidermy. 

Photographer Thomas Baker has worked with multiple prestigious clients, including Adidas and the Saatchi Gallery. His forceful and strong compositions emphasises the sculptural elements of our objects. 

The outcome of the narrative can be seen on Bodo Sperlein's web store and media channels. In the meantime, you can enjoy a glimpses of behind the scenes of the campaign. 


The September Issues

PressBodo Sperlein

We've got multiple press stories from the latest month we would like to share with you.


Hole & Corner's Sam Walton interviewed Bodo about his relationship with materials for the Material issue. You can read more about the feature here

For our German audience, The Materialist wrote a piece on Bodo Sperlein's work for Loewe


We're loyal readers of Wallpaper*, so when Amy Heffernan featured our Loewe bild 5 we were thrilled. You can see the more here.


"A man for all eventualities". Conde Nast's  Ad Germany described Bodo as a brand-guru at the forefront of creating technology with soul, bringing new life to 'sleeping beauty' brands. You can see the article here


And last but not least, Gregory Han's words at our favourite US digital magazine, Designmilk. Gregory acknowledge's the radically thin bild x in this feature, stating it's an exciting time for televisions. We would have to agree. 

Materials Matter: Silver

Studio, ShopBodo Sperlein

As a dedicated believer in traditional materials, Bodo shared his perspective with silver in Hole & Corner’s Materiality Issue in September. We would like to share some of the quotes from the designer’s view.


It’s the material that speaks volumes for Bodo. When ceramics was professed as old-fashioned, Bodo recognised the importance of his role as a designer: to bring these so-called old fashioned materials to the contemporary consumer. As discussed with Sam Walton, “It’s my duty to fight for techniques that took us 1,000 years to establish”.

When Bodo Sperlein Studio takes on new projects, one of our key approaches is to critically reflect on the voice of the heritage and to safeguard the materials and crafts the brand represents. “Why not combine the clever crafts with new methods and then you can get a completely new scope on the materiality?”, Bodo asks.


As he states to Hole & Corner, “These are the most important materials we’ve got. What you do with it – yes there’s pottery and the rest, but also there’s high-tech applications: for example we would have no mobile phones right now; a lot of scalpels in operating theatres are made from ceramics because they give a better cut than metal: if you look at a metal blade under a microscope it’s far rougher than a ceramic one, which has very smooth molecules.”

Studying silver when working with TANE, Bodo acknowledged multiple layers of the history of the material. Silver, with its antibacterial properties, was historically used for water disinfection in Roman times when silver coins would be used on their wounds to make sure they didn’t get infected.

Bodo shares his enthusiasm about working with this complex and pure material, “It’s not just about thinking, ‘Oh wow, it’s shiny!’ You think, what is the reason for this shininess? Silver has the highest reflective properties of any metal. Why else was real silver used in mirrors in the past?”


"With my Symphony Beaker – people would say, “Do you understand how difficult it’s going to be? It’s going to take ages” If it’s just a sphere, it’s easy to polish, but when you have all those crevices... That’s the sort of challenge I like." - Bodo


Loewe OLED Campaign Directed by Bodo Sperlein

Studio, LoeweBodo Sperlein

From 1st - 6th of September 2017, our most recent designs for Loewe were showcased at the international technology trade show, IFA in Berlin.

Together with Studio Small, photographer Jake Curtis and set designer Hana Al-Sayed, Bodo Sperlein produced the OLED campaign that was screened on the new bild x, bild 9 and bild 5 at IFA. You can see more about the Loewe stand here.

The OLED campaign highlights the signature Loewe OLED screens, coming to life through Bodo's vision in a narrative of nostalgic florals, food and contemporary still-life objects of organic textures and natural materials.