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Product Launch IFA 2017: Loewe bild x

Loewe, Studio, ClientsBodo Sperlein

Our most recent project for the distinguished luxury TV brand, Loewe, has now been unveiled as the bild x concept. Launched at IFA 2017, the bild x explores new possibilities for TV design, made possible through advances in OLED technology. "Loewe unveils ultra-thin statement TV with a slender golden frame" - Dezeen

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As a creative studio, considering the future of OLED panels, we have taken the opportunity to radically alter the aesthetic of TV.  The latest OLED panels are a pivotal moment similar to the change from cathode ray tube to flat screen television displays. 

By separating components, at its core bild x is a modular concept. Building on Loewe’s already much celebrated flexibility in stand solutions, bild x aims to grow, adapt and change with its owner and as technology allows.


The bild x, together with bild 5 and bild 9, were all on display at Europe's leading electronics trade show IFA, Berlin 1st - 6th September. 


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Photography Credit: Andreas Bohlender

Bodo Sperlein in The Telegraph Luxury June 2017

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Styled by Valerie Berry and shot by Photographer Yuki Sugiura, high energy levels are assured with the fresh flavours of summer in this editorial story by Rose Prince by The Telegraph Luxury. 

Our ranges Pomona Tempest and Carrara Tableware have been styled with a burst of local produce and energy-packed greens, perfect for a late August summer night. 

New Product Launch: Loewe Bild 4

StudioBodo Sperlein

Bodo Sperlein introduces another product launch for Loewe: the bild 4 OLED set, a minimal addition to the Loewe television portfolio designed to offer an accessible television design that combines the best of technology with the highest craftsmanship.

Bodo Sperlein has created what is Loewe’s take on a “one box” 55” TV set. Cleverly packaged, coming with Loewe’s signature ultra-slim 4.9mm display, integrated sound bar, sleek table stand and a simple intuitive operating system. The bild 4 continues to offer Loewe's signature state-of the-art technology, with the latest OLED technology on its 55” screen. The black table stand is accentuated by a fine contrasting matt graphite frame, reinforcing its lightness in appearance. 

To emphasise the flexibility of the bild 4 television, we orchestrated the "POP TV" campaign together with Studio Small, photographer Thomas Baker and set designer and stylist Lisa Jahovic. Inspired by a David Hockney colour regime, Wayne Thiebaud cakes and pop themed pastels, the bild 4 comes to life in a truly playful setting. 


Bodo Sperlein Winner At Land Rover BORN Awards 2017

Studio, LoeweBodo SperleinComment

We are excited to announce Bodo Sperlein as a Land Rover BORN Awards Winner in recognition for our work for Loewe!

The Land Rover BORN Awards is an annual awards ceremony hosted by Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, and Jean-Christophe Chopin, the founder of BORN, to recognise exceptional creative achievements in lifestyle design. The category winners are awarded a trophy - commonly known as "the BORN" created by the Land Rover design team.


The awards celebrate those individuals who take the creative risks to turn their ambitions into reality, celebrating designers who make beautiful objects that combine functionality and design. This year the awards took place in Ålesund, Norway, the entrance to the spectacular Geirangerfjord. Among 38 nominees, Bodo Sperlein has been selected as one of 12 winners for the designs of bild 9 and Klang 9 for Loewe. 

The iconic German home entertainment brand, Loewe, appointed Bodo Sperlein as Creative Director in January 2016. Loewe are responsible for the world’s first electronic film transmission made in 1931. Today they remain a leading name in home theatre technologies. As part of Bodo’s direction for the eminent brand, Bodo and his studio have reinvigorated Loewe’s creative brand language by composing new advertising campaigns, imagery and products.

The sculptural Loewe bild 9 television and Klang 9 speakers will be on display during the Awards Exhibition, held from 17th July - 5th August with over 300 international journalists attending.

“I’m honoured to be recognised and part of this fantastic organisation supporting creative ideas and industries. BORN highlights the importance of creativity, which is encapsulated in all phases of my work, from the starting point of hunting for inspiration to the final discussions, like a microcosm.”

- Bodo Sperlein

The awards ceremony was held from 26th - 27th July with an on-going exhibition of all the finalist's nominated designs from 17th July - August 5th at the luxury resort Storfjord Hotel in Skodje, Norway. 

Behind The Set of Loewe OLED Campaign

Loewe, StudioBodo Sperlein

In September 2017 our work for Loewe will be showcased at the international technology trade show IFA in Berlin. We recently made a new campaign together with Studio Small, Photographer Jake Curtis and set designer Hana Al-Sayed that will screened on the television's OLED screens,

Bodo's vision to highlight the signature Loewe OLED screens came to life through a narrative of nostalgic florals. The beauty and historical symbolism that nature has, combined with the contemporary design of the glass and stone objects all beautifully revealed in a gently-lit setting will be displayed on the OLED screens. 

Working with the talented art director and set designer Hana Al-Sayed, experienced photographer Jake Curtis and videographer Ian Allardyce, the photoshoot took place at the Aslan in East London, a unique Georgian home built in 1742. 

We look forward to sharing the final campaign in September. Until then, enjoy an insight to behind the set. 


Neue Werkstätten 2017: The Set Up

Studio, LoeweBodo Sperlein

One of the many layers of our studio is creating and directing events that blend together culture and art to showcase the latest technology and products produced by Loewe.


The latest event held at Neue Werkstätten, Munich in June was hosted by Loewe's Bodo Sperlein, together with the gallery Sammlung Goetz, Artist Gerwald Rockenschaub and AD Architectural Digest Germany. The exhibition also featured furniture by Kettal and wall paint by The Little Greene Company. 

See imagery of getting the exhibition of Loewe Televisions and Sound systems up and running, followed by two Loewe films of the event. 


cala chair by kettal

Loewe Bild 5: Craft Story

Loewe, Studio, ClientsBodo Sperlein

Oak wood, used as a hardwood timber for thousands of years, takes up to 150 years before it can be handled and used for construction. Oak is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. With an appealing light colour, a prominent grain and its resistance to fungal attack, the bild 5 is equipped with a nature to live long thanks to oak's dense constitution. 


Product Launch: Loewe bild 5

Loewe, StudioBodo Sperlein

Introducing the Loewe bild 5 by Bodo Sperlein, a blend of futuristic OLED technology and  warm minimalism.

With a rich archive of products, uniting Loewe’s history with new designs that offer an alternative perspective whilst reaching a new audience, is an exciting prospect for our London based design studio.


The bild 5 encapsulates Bodo's aim to design objects that look good both when in use and not. Drawing upon the honest qualities of the materials used and the timeless qualities they possess.

bild 5 combines oak with brushed aluminium, an ultra-slim high tech screen, bespoke acoustic fabric and a wide range of stand options. With its smart modular design, components are made to be altered, allowing you to create an individual configuration. Available in Silver Oak, stained Black Oak or high gloss Piano Black, in wall mount, table or floor stand. With the latest generation OLED screen being thinner than most smartphones, at just 4.9mm, the display makes the bild 5 OLED appear weightless.

“Together with Loewe we are prioritising materiality in design, fusing furniture and home entertainment to produce a product that radiates a ‘welcome home’ feeling” - Bodo Sperlein


For further information and for pre-orders visit Loewe UK