Bodo Sperlein


bild x

During 2017, alongside Loewe, we re-imagined the future of OLED. At IFA Berlin 2017 we released our concept for the future of TV.



Developing a distinctive aesthetic for Loewe, the bild x looks to carve a unique high end product.  With a unique aesthetic comes also a radical material pallet, anodised metal is paired with marble to give the bild x an incomparable tactile quality.


As a studio our aim was to reduce the panel to the bare minimum all whilst creating an adaptable panel. Product lifespan and flexibility in stand solutions were key. The result, a panel that is unbelievably thin across it's whole length, a single cable and the flexibility to design a whole range of stand solutions.


The flexibility designed into the panel purposefully removes the constraints of past televisions and displays. The stand solution here is only the start. This is a truly smart TV, separating the electronics has resulted in a TV which matches the flexibility consumers are now used to with multi-room audio.



This new technology freed Bodo Sperlein from the constraints of more traditional TV set-ups. The removal of the majority of electrical components has granted the bild x a thinness that is difficult to believe, releasing the TV from its usual webbed anchor of cables. Re-imaging and entirely stripping back the design of such an iconic piece of home entertainment enabled Bodo and his team to question precisely what is required today from home entertainment.


By separating components, bild x is a modular concept from its core to its final design. Building on Loewe’s already much celebrated flexibility in stand solutions, bild x aims to grow, adapt and change with its owner and as technology allows.