Bodo Sperlein



Discovered by the distinctive Spanish brand Lladró in 2005, this project paved the way in Bodo Sperlein's journey of collaborating with luxury global brands.


Exploring the very essence of Lladró's brand identity is at the core of this collaboration. The Re-Cyclos collection is a contemporary revival of Lladró’s historical designs. Paying homage to Lladró’s international reputation for producing fluent porcelain sculptures, this range elegantly unites function with unique forms that depict the graceful physique of horses, to the delicate kaleidoscope of butterflies. 


Highlighting the intricate skills involved in making these detailed pieces was intrinsic to this collaboration.  The Magic Forest necklace establishes a contemporary context for porcelain jewellery with the tactile qualities of this unique material elegantly showcased as focal piece.

Today, the Re-Cyclos chandelier is regarded as one of Lladró's iconic designs with the Ascot range being one of their most popular collections. 


A contemporary revival of Lladró’s historical designs, establishing a contemporary context for porcelain jewellery.


As part of this project we also art directed the publicity materials for the collection including the catalogues and the launch of the collaboration at Maison et Objet Paris in 2008. Opening Lladró up to new markets whilst mindfully catering for the existing clientele was a vital component to the success of this partnership.

Our successful rejuvenation of this historical brand resulted in significant international press coverage from Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest AD and Vogue, furthering Lladró’s presence within a global market. This has resulted in retailers such as Tokyo's Takashimaya stocking our Lladró collections.