Bodo Sperlein


Recognised for our product design, we are dedicated to establishing strategically considered design and marketing solutions that are tailor-made to the individual clients we collaborate with.


Our multidisciplinary approach is unique as we compose concepts for both product design and artistic direction. By coordinating projects, creating and implementing marketing communication strategies and building brand awareness for our clients, we reinvigorate long established brands.





We understand the importance of brand identity: a visual strategic direction enables a business to communicate their story. 

When establishing partnerships with brands, nurturing the existing strengths and talent of these historical organisations whilst unveiling their capabilities is an essential element of our approach. Taking our client’s needs and goals into consideration we offer tailor bespoke solutions and new possibilities for their brand. Through intelligent marketing strategies, bespoke art direction and the design of new products, we reinvigorate brands and introduce them to new studios.





We are dedicated to producing contemporary, intelligent and elegant designs. This aesthetic is reflected in all we do, from our current ranges to future product consultancy. 

With over 15 years of experience in designing our own products, we have an extensive understanding of the market and pride ourselves on using honest materials. Taking our client’s needs and goals into consideration, we tailor bespoke solutions and offer new possibilities for their brand’s name. We ensure timeless materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques are used.




With an acute eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the market, we devise innovative strategies to stimulate a client’s brand identity. We realise and devise concepts and oversee campaigns, compose briefs and present them to creative agencies, working closely with them to implement and direct photoshoots, as well as project administration. 




We understand the importance of bespoke products in a world that can often feel preoccupied with impersonal designs. From site specific to small-scale projects, we source the finest materials and ensure to work with master craftsmen to help realise a project that reflects our client’s vision. Whether you come to us with the seed of an idea or a structured vision, by collaborating with a network of specialists that we have collated over a number of years, we narrate your journey.